Customers are often overwhelmed by the choice of city cafes. New Zealanders have a vibrant and lively coffee culture, so provide a point of difference to the competition by offering complimentary sparkling water. Along with good coffee, people meet at cafes to connect with others, catch up with friends and enjoy the atmosphere. It is a social haven so make the experience fun for your customers by offering sparkling water with syrups and fruits.

Restaurants & Vineyards

Enhance the customer dining experience - your executive chef spends hours and money on specific fresh ingredients to create world class dishes for the customer. However, 80% of customers still ask for plain tap water because at $11 a bottle it is either against their principles or a unrealistic price. Offering your customer complimentary sparkling water is a wonderful way to start their dining experience. First impressions count - people go to restaurants for a celebratory event, so put a smile on their face when they first sit down!


Dehydration is a major cause of daytime fatigue so as the boss or wellness coordinator show you care about the hydration and moral of the staff by giving them access to unlimited, filtered, cold still and sparkling water. You could even gift them a personalised bottle that they can reuse. Save on annual water cooler rental bills by purchasing your own in-house stylish unit that is conveniently located for everyday use. No more ordering or the frustration of running out of water. Show clients how important they are by offering sparkling water in meetings.

Health Clubs & Gyms

People go to gyms for social, health and wellbeing reasons - Bevco could be placed in the reception or social room where members meet up, relax and chat while rehydrating after their workout. Sparkling water could be placed in the recharge room in a therapy business where clients can help themselves to instant cool sparkling water after their treatment. A bowl of fruit and herbs could sit next to the unit for a natural, healthy flavour burst.

Convenience of on-tap

  • No need for stock ordering
  • No fridge and storeroom space required
  • No running out of water in the busy season
  • No waste disposal for empty bottles
  • Cheaper to run a cooler unit than a fridge
  • Savings from lower cost of tap water, packaging, transport and waste disposal

A great start to your customer’s day

Improving the overall customer experience Review websites like Zomato rave about complimentary sparkling Word of mouth is the best way to grow your business Espresso buffs like to cleanse their palate before enjoying their favourite blend Offer a glass of sparkling water while customers wait for their coffee Your business will be keeping up with the latest trends from overseas

Great tasting water

We welcome you to visit us in Grey Lynn and taste just how good the water is. The best way to describe the taste is softened pure water with just the right amount of bubbles cooled to your chosen temperature leaving you refreshed and rehydrated. Compare it to your usual brand. That is the ultimate taste test!

Sustainability & The Environment

Because Bevco uses pristine NZ water filtered through a tap, the system makes traditional store-bought bottles obsolete. It is kinder to the environment, with less waste from packaging materials, less pollution from transport and less rubbish in our landfills and oceans. Designed using recyclable materials and equipped with devices that reduce power consumption, Bevco fridge carbonators are in line with the Green Philosophy to encourage maximum respect for the environment.